You're Weird.



Okay, it's been a couple of months, I'm aware. I've been pretty busy and pretty much not here. Also in retrospect, no one reads this. So I'm not really phased.

Since the last post:
I've been to Durban again twice,
I've been to Grahamstown for a visit,
I've quit my job at the bookstore,
I've said goodbye to all my friends,
I've moved to Grahamstown,
I've gotten a new job and a house I can call my own,
I've gone red-head and back to the current, strawberry-blonde,
I've had a fun halloween,
I've deleted my Twitter and Tumblr,
I've broken a bone in my foot with a shower door,
I've willingly started playing World of Warcraft,
I've visited my dad in The Langkloof,
I've been with Philip for 11 months,
I've watched more series than I can explain,
I've been walking more than I ever have in my life combined,
I've been buying my own food and electricity,

And last, but not least,

I've run out of things I've done.

and now, the visual version:

Love much.

Snow White And The...



EIGHT dwarves?

So today was the last morning that we had the eight New Zealanders (Kiwis) staying here. And we just waved goodbye as they all piled into some type of minivan (that mind you, already acquired few new dents since they've rented it)

It's been a bit hectic seeing as I ended up feeling quite intimidated by the amount of them, but I think we all did really. Though they ended up being "THE BEST EVER", mildly, giving presents at the end of their stay.

Jun-A. says:
my mom got a box of chocolates
my brother a bottle of tequila
and i got a slab
Phil says:
I like how a piece of chocolate can make you change your mind from hating people
Jun-A. says:
Phil says:
to them being the best ever
Jun-A. says:

A little image to remember them by:

Lots of love from a cinder girl.

Emerging sometimes.


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Yes, a rare enough case, but somehow it happened, yet I only moved with the tunnel to just about ten meters away in my own home. At least I had people there to witness it. Then again I guess my friends get out about as much as I do.

On Saturday night I invited two of my friends from work over to my house, I've gotten to be quite good friends with both and enjoy both of their company equally as they also enjoy each other's with that.

But I realised one thing, my friends seriously also don't get out that much, seeing as when they saw my room and my camera everything got tried on and there HAD to be photos taken of it all.

Aftermath? Here you go:

It's been quite fun.
While it lasted of course.
In a week I will be going into hibernation again with the arrival of my man love bear -chuckles- Phil. Afterwards you'll get an amazing update.
<3 Happy World Cup till then.

all my love.



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I've lately crawled into a little hole I like to call my bed, it has a tunnel that leads directly to work and back only, There's no passing go, no collecting your 200 and no landing on an opportunity or community chest. It's actually been really nice not having to think about communicating with anyone, but I guess that makes me a bad friend, no? I guess I can't argue, but at least it's been nice enough for me.

Anyway, so the past week or so we've had some people staying over at our house for the SA World Cup, and I think up until today it's been quite a nice experience. We've had two guys from New Zealand here who were supporting the Netherlands and a dutch couple doing the same:

The guys were here for four nights and they were really lovely about two years older than I am and quite polite, raised really well. They've got tickets to follow the dutch as far as they can and for most semi-final matches as well as the final, which I think is pretty cool. Then the older couple from Holland, here for only three nights, were just as amazingly sweet as can get. The lady, Gea, had nothing but the kindest heart you can imagine anyone to have and her husband was just such a sport:

Unfortunately today was the arrival of eight New Zea-landers, following New Zealand of course, and I can say with all honesty I've never felt so overwhelmed by a group of guys before. They're a bit scary to be honest, but I think it's mainly because they're such a big group that you don't know what to do with them really.

Let's hope my mom and I manage to survive these guys till Saturday morning. and then we've got no more visitors for a month until the Dutch couple come back and maybe the two nice kiwis mentioned earlier. But for now it's back to bed and trying to defeat this MINUS ONE degree Celsius weather.

Mini-update brought to you by.
The cave.
The lurker.
& The glass box.


P.S. THIS SONG GIVES ME SUCH CHILLS and makes me quite happy to be South African.

Dear Autumn.


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You are beautiful.

I love you too.

You can stay.


I guess I'm hopeless.


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"One day-
we'll look back on this weird relationship
and agree that us meeting
was the best coincidence in our lives."

-Philip Gordon Wilson.

I guess I love you.


Secondhand Love.


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Yesterday was Mother's day. So like every Mother's day we took my mom out for a lovely day. This year we decided to take her to a place called Hartbeespoort Dam. The plan was to drive around the whole dam and take photos. Afterwards we would go get breakfast and then walk around a bit before going home.

Halfway there, I realised I left my camera battery on the charger. It sucked.
So the plan changed and we went straight to breakfast, we ate at a place called Pick-A-Pancake. This place serves meal sized pancakes filled with your choice of food or dessert. About one third through my meal I realised that it was filled with onions. (I really, really dislike onions.) This resulted in me giving up my meal and ordering a Flake Chocolate Ice Cream one.

It was at this stage that the waiter thought I had eaten both and nearly dropped dead. Warnings of both being big were given and the ordering of a side plate of chips and a Dom Pedro made him look at me and wonder where the hell I keep it all.

Anyway, Afterwards we took my mommy to the second hand bookstore and told her to pick as many books as she like. When she found them all I paid for them. Yet while I was paying something caught my eye. These four amazing photography books (as pictured above) priced at R10 each. These books normally cost R100 or more. Needless to say they were perfect condition and now they're just chilling in my bookshelf.

Thank you mommy.
Thank you brother.
Thank you Hartbeespoort.
Thank you cool old lady with the second hand bookshop.


Andrew, Who. Are. You?


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So a while ago I realised something extremely strange between my iTunes music. Now, it's nothing mind-blowing but I have been wondering about it for the past year (probably) what this means and why it is so.

My problem is that in-between a lot of my bands some of the songs will have a different Album name than most. This is probably not strange, but what is, is that all the so-called 'different' album names are all named after a boy called Andrew. I mentioned this to Philip, but he was busy not paying attention to me. Only enough to just yell 'WHAT?!' all the time. So I gave up and mentioned it to someone else. They also had no idea.

Adamant on showing Phil that I'm not on hard drugs or delusional, I took a screen shot to prove myself:

After doing this I saw that most of the music was from my friend Kristen. So I wall-posted her on Facebook with a link to the image.

Luckily, she responded quite fast and explained it all to me. "The songs from those albums are from compilation albums that 'insert hidden name' made for his friends. And he always made the title about this person (real or not, I don't know) called Andrew. I literally have hundreds and hundreds of songs from these Andrew albums."

So there you have it kids.

kinda solved.
Also, I'm not crazy.


Furry Little Bugs.


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Here are some more photos of my time in Durban with my man. This was when we spent a day walking around the suburb he lived in taking little snapshots of it all and some of his house and the animals that roam free there.

If you want to see anything bigger, just click on the whole thing. Unfortunately I don't have the patience to upload ever photo side by side.

The album on

Oh wells.

Hello Mister, Plan On Staying? -or- I Just Wrote A Whole Post On Doves.


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About two days ago I was just relaxing in my room, probably busy Facebook-ing as I heard a shrill yell coming from the living room. Obviously knowing my dear mother has come across something horrific again I went to check it out. After asking her about five times (as I do with everything) before I got my response she pointed to the door. What did I see, but a dove.

(excuse the shitty zoom, my mom was yelling at me at this stage.)

Yes, that guy, well at least I think it's a he, just traipsed around our living room looking very uninterested in what we had to show. Round about here is when he decided to fly. Now obviously, being the 'MAN' I am, I squealed like a little girl, (why yes, I do know pigs squeal) slammed my door and told my mom to tell me when it's safe to come out.

(Flying things y'know, they're kinda creepy.)

Anyway, the little guy managed to fly into her toom and land on her ceiling fan. (As pictured above.) Eventually we managed to get him down and catch him. Of course after our maid ran around pointlessly saying things I don't ever really understand. Which is when I realised that Mr. Dove was actually quite the nice guy. They, doves, are pretty cute and sort of lovable and would make interesting pets, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to take his freedom away. Who's house would he spend an afternoon in then?

It was a nice visit all in all.
Next time watch out for the walls.
And though you were pretty rad.
Just try not to fly.

Yours Sincerely.

I guess it's my turn.


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So everyone has written about Splashy so far. They've written about the bands, about the things we've done and about the people. They've blogged about it up and down. And honestly I don't really feel like blogging about it as much. I don't really feel like I need to but I want to show that I was there, that I enjoyed the bands and the people just as much. So I thought what I can do is always link you to everything:

Part 1.
Part 2.



Other Amy

So all in all, it really was amazing and I'd do it over again next year. Hell I probably am. There's nothing like 5 degree weather with pouring down rain, tents and someone who hogs the blankets.
Gotta love splashy.


Having A Mare?


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No no, apparently that does not mean shoving a full grown lady horse out of your vulva. Quite saddening right? Yeah, I know. This does though mean having a really good time, a time so good that it literally borders on becoming a nightmare. Well that's at least what I got told by Philip and his Rhodes buddies.

Anyway, back to the point. For the past eleven days I've been in Durban; the most magical place known to man. Where the people are laid back, the drivers take their time, the weather is unpredictable and everything is just snazzy. I went down to Durban for what I've already mentioned to be Splashy Fen as well as to see THIS MAN:

I won't lie, it was probably one of the best 2 week vacations I've ever had. I didn't do much after Splashy, though I did go and watch How To Train Your Dragon. I also had a friend/chef prepare a big Indian themed feast for us: bean bunnies, chicken tiki masala and more. Met a Swedish girl who had me taste a Snus My great friend Sophie had me taste a Snus, and I went on a long walk around Philip's neighbourhood taking photos with and of him.

I 'particularly' like this one he took of me:

Overall it was amazing and I had such a lovely time with all my friends. Maybe I'll put up some pictures maybe I won't. But for now.
Thank you Splashy.
Thank you Friends.
Thank you Durban.
Thank you Philip.
I love you all.